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About Sylvan

Who is Sylvan Finger? Sylvan Finger is a dude who was born and raised in Sonoma County, California. His faith has been formed by the Lutheran Churches in the area. However, he has not been shy in mingling with those who are of other faiths, including those who don’t claim to be Christian. After much mingling, he has come only to grow to love the Lutheran teachings even more. Today, he is making great progress in completing his degree, Master of Divinity, so that he can prudently share Jesus with all who he comes in contact with and share the Good News he brings.

Sonoma County Vineyard

So what good can come out of Sonoma County? Well, being that Sonoma County is a part of the community of San Francisco, that is a good question. San Francisco has been known to be creative in exploring new ways of living for a better tomorrow as a multicultural community. South of San Francisco lies the Silicon Valley, the home of tech giants such as Apple and Google. To the east of San Francisco are the homes for many who work in the city. And to the north is Sonoma County, about 50 miles north of the city. The County is known for its agriculture and tourism. Like the Napa Valley, which is East of Sonoma County, vineyards are the main crops planted. There are wineries everywhere. To the West of Sonoma County is the cold coast of the Pacific Ocean. The warm beaches begin just south of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sylvan’s Family

So did Sylvan grow up in one of the vineyards? No. Sylvan spent most of his life in the suburban metropolis in the county. His father made a living by painting. Today, he is his own painting contractor, and he works with his lovely wife. She used to be a cook for a steak house and then she was a preschool teacher for parochial schools. Now she has found her time better working alongside her husband painting. They’ve been happily married for over 25 years and look forward to many more. They also look forward to having grandkids. It is just a matter of when either their son or daughter is ready for them. The daughter has just been married over the summer of 2016 to a good friend of Sylvan. Just for the record, Sylvan had nothing to do with arranging their relationship.

Concordia Seminary - St. Louis

What is Sylvan doing? While Sylvan is still single, he is focused on finishing up his degree, Master of Divinity, within the Concordia Seminary program. His vicarage, his internship, at Cape Girardeau, Missouri is where Sylvan will put his years of theology studies and his parish ministry, or church work experience to full action. After his vicarage, Sylvan will fine tune his theology back at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri before he will be sent to a parish by the school and the help of God.

Why is Sylvan going to Missouri for school? As there are several other seminaries closer to his hometown, Windsor, California, the pastors that have served at his home church, Vineyard of Faith Lutheran Church, have all come from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. Being that he would like to study under the Lutheran teachings, the Concordia Seminar in St. Louis is the place for him.

Vineyard of Faith Lutheran Church

Vineyard of Faith Lutheran Church is the friendliest church on Arata Lane. Okay, it’s the only church on Arata Lane. If you aren’t welcomed by someone when you arrive, then you must be avoiding people. There is always something special going on at Vineyard of Faith: the monthly food giveaway, children’s ministry, a community garden, a Friday Night Mentor Ministry with some pretty major power tools in a fantastic shop, there are ESL classes, music ministry, Bible studies, outreach and so much more. This missional church is interested in using a variety innovative ministry approaches to reach out to the creative thinking neighborhood. Vineyard of Faith is enjoys sharing the ultimate truth and the ultimate Good News of Jesus Christ to their friends and neighbors.

Churches like Vineyards of Faith are hard to come by. That is why Sylvan is interested in coming a pastor. Sylvan is looking forward to sharing just how amazing, loving and forgiving God is much like how his pastors have done.